To lose weight people rely more and more to try the different "diets", moving from ketogenic,...
2020-10-06 11:20:30
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To lose weight people rely more and more to try the different "diets", moving from ketogenic, low carb, cycling ...
But is it really the right solution? Let's find out together!
Underlying all these strategies is the CALORIE DEFICIT, so no matter which way you use, the important thing, to lose weight, is that they put less calories than you spend.
Obviously the diet alone is not enough to get the results today I will try to make you also understand the importance of physical activity, both in terms of training against resistance, both in terms of aerobic activity.
Let us see three different strategies:

  • ONLY DIET: get equally a weight loss, but definitely not an improvement in body composition, you lose fat, but unfortunately also lean body mass (muscle).
  • DIET AND EXERCISE WEIGHTS: If you match the diet also a workout against resistance, in fact, be able to speed up and optimize this particular weight loss; in fact, you lose fat, but you will go also improve your muscle mass. This will surely bring an improvement in terms of aesthetics.
  • DIET-CARDIO-TRAINING: With the addition of aerobic activity will allow you to consume more calories in the 'arc of the day, even allowing you to eat more and, equally, lose fat. Plus the cardio-vascular activity will bring benefits to your own heart and respiratory system.

So to conclude, the best strategy for optical slimming, is one that uses not only the Diet, but also the weight training and AEROBIC. By doing so you can optimize your weight loss, and the results are guaranteed.
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