In all the gyms we talk about this " 3 YEARS KEY" , but what are they? Why take this name? They...
2020-09-25 15:04:51
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The exercises in which you can NOT do without!

In all the gyms we talk about this " 3 YEARS KEY" , but what are they? Why take this name?
They are the basis of bodybuilding and powerlifting. They are the multi-joint, core exercises, those, namely, that it is important to include in their training (beginners, intermediate or advanced).
But what are they? And because they are fundamental for our sessions in the gym?
Theoretically, for fundamental operation is defined by the base year with which we intend to train in that specific session. This may provide a dedicated programming and requires most of our energy.
Ai fundamental is then added those complementary , or exercises designed to complete the same session: inserting similar movements (agonists) or opposite (antagonists) depending of 'target.
Let's take a practical example: if we want to train the legs, we can use a Squat as a fundamental exercise and multi-joint (hip movement, knee and ankle).
At the end of the Squat, to continue to train the legs, we can insert the most "isolated exercises": leg extensions or Bulgarian lunge better isolate the quadriceps, leg curls and calf help developing respectively hamstrings and calves.
Once we made this premise, let's briefly describe what are these exercises and what to train mostly.

  1. SQUAT: is the king of the exercises for the lower limbs, together with its sumo squat / front squat variations ... is fundamental to train comprehensively limbs lower
  2. bENCH: is the foundation for the upper limbs, in the two flat bench variants (greater focus on the pectoralis major) and narrow bench (greater focus on triceps)
  3. REMOVAL: is the foundation for the posterior chain (back and hamstrings), it can have different muscle emphasis depending on the different variants used as sumo deadlift / Romanian deadlift / detachment regular ...

Finally, advantage of the fundamental exercises is to be able to involve many muscles and work on entire kinetic chains. This offers the possibility to use a lot of weight and stress mechanical damage, one of the key mechanisms for muscle hypertrophy stimulation.
Another important thing is the TECHNICAL , for these exercises, more than all the others, running is essential to avoid injury.
For this reason I recommend you follow an expert trainer and prepared so that you can gain maximum benefit from these exercises without incurring injuries.
You use them in your workout? Now is the time to st