Very often women have a phobia of the weight room because they think they can become men. This...
2020-09-10 18:27:43
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Let's debunk the myth!

Very often women have a phobia of the weight room because they think they can become men. This myth, die-hard, is bringing more and more girls to practice the courses believing, sweating a lot, consume a lot of calories. But will this really happen? Let's find out together!
The real reason however why women do not use weights is NOT the one hand the desire to struggle, using only "magic products" to get results; on the other side a lot of girls do not know how to move and end up abandoning quickly what you are doing.
With this article I want to give some practical advice to girls who really want to build a physical BREATHTAKING; because let's face it all, to get a physical NOT SUPER are no simple solutions, but only make effort to earn it!

  • Follow a balanced diet and well proporzianata regarding macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates)
  • workout 3- 4 times a week with overload, just so you get the urge just to improve physically
  • do not be afraid to become big: the weights do not swell and do not become men, on the contrary become stronger and more toned and your appearance will improve a lot.
  • entrusted to a personal trainer, just so you have a guide that can accompany you in your path
  • BASIC uses exercises (squat, deadlift ...), with these exercises you will use many muscles and the benefits will be manifold.
These are some simple tips to follow, but I am sure that if you follow them the results will not be long in coming. Cos'aspettate trying? Enough excuses, now it's for real!
If you want to start a journey with me do not hesitate to contact me, I ASSURE YOU THAT NOT BECOME A MAN INDEED YOU SHALL LOVE look in the mirror! <