Who would not want to scream the buttocks? Firming the B side is the demand that is placed more...
2020-09-08 11:06:06
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For a B-side dream!

Who would not want to scream the buttocks? Firming the B side is the demand that is placed more gettonata me every day in the gym. Today I'll try to give you the answer to your questions. These four super exercises that I propose are BASIC to achieve that goal! Let's find out together!
The buttocks are the trained muscles in the gym by women of all ages, but even men save to train them. Very often people are killing the exercises without getting the results you want. Why?
One of the most common mistakes is always too light load. These muscles need a greater load to be stimulated, this is because they are very strong muscles, and without the right stimulus never improve.
Just then raise the intensity and functional exercises to choose for this purpose, such as those described in this article and the changes will be insured!

  1. SQUAT WITH ROCKER: For the correct execution of this exercise, the first thing you need to keep your back contracted and looked straight come on; you start to get down to avoid in every way to make sudden movements with the knees and throwing strictly the buttocks back. Later, you can start to climb slowly always checking your posture. The ascent is stopped before completely stretch the knees so as not to impair the joints; She grab the barbell with the prone jack or with the palms forward. Hands should be equidistant from the center of the bar and at a distance slightly greater than that of the shoulders. In any case, for a correct execution of the exercise, when the salt rocker you exhale, vice versa when it falls one inhales.
  2. Lunges MANUBRI WALK IN: Hold a dumbbell in each hand, arms straight at your sides. Make a long step forward with your leg and get into lunge with both legs at 90 degrees. Chest straight, your chest open and shoulders back. Maintain balance and continue walking.
  3. ROMANIAN REMOVAL: Whether this is an incredible exercise for buttocks scream you'll know for themselves! It is preferable to use the barbell, but are happy with the dumbbells. Grasp the weight and from an upright position. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, fall forward, pushing the buttocks backwards. Bend your knees slightly. Your back should not bend, but always in extension. Lower the weight stopping just past the knees, so that the back is in almost parallel to the floor. From there it will pop up contracting the buttocks to the maximum
  4. HIP-THRUST: Start the exercise by sitting on the floor and straighten your legs. Align the top part of the back of a bench, a step or a padded box and well fixed. Place the bar on the lower legs. Since the Hip Thrust exerts considerable pressure on the lower abdomen and pubic region, it is advisable to place the barbell on something padded. The thicker the padding, the better. The rocker arm is located and positioned symmetrically to the fold of the hips slightly above the basin. Push the feet firmly (shoulder width) on the floor and extend your hips by pushing it up until you get to put the basin in line with your knees and shoulders. From this starting position, a big breath is taken and the core is so reinforced. The barbell is lifted from the ground by a powerful contraction of the hip extensors. It is of utmost importance to ensure that the spine and the pelvis remain in relatively neutral positions and that the extension movement comes from the hips, not from lombopelvica region. A slight arch in the lumbar region is fine, but excessive lumbar extension may predispose the posterior elements of the spine and injuries to increase the deformation of the disc and spinal load. The sides rise until the torso is parallel to the ground and the hip position is reached.

Now you have the right ingredients to GLUTEI DREAM! My advice to you is to not be afraid to charge (of course always safe), the buttocks will thank you!
I hope these tips have been useful, in any case, I remain available for any clarification, please feel free to contact