Many people often ask me some advice on how to eat properly even during the summer holiday...
2020-08-28 11:13:29
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How to manage power on vacation?

Let's find out together!

Many people often ask me some advice on how to eat properly even during the summer holiday period.
Very often on holidays we tend a bit 'to lose the good food trends, but that, in excess, can lead to some problems. Today we will try to see together 10 tips to make your stay in one holiday, but without too much guilt! Are you curious?
1) Respect the daily number and meal times, especially breakfast, to be privileged. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it provides the "fuel" for the day.
It is also seen that, not consuming adequate breakfast, predisposes toward greater caloric intake during the day.
2) Moderate consumption of processed food and fat-rich. It is therefore advisable to moderate your calorie intake, preferring a simple cooking able to maintain unchanged the minerals and vitamins, also decreasing the amount of salt to be added during the preparation. Season preferably with raw olive oil, avoiding seasonings containing animal fat (lard, butter) or margarine. Also, limit fried foods and sweets too elaborate.
Obviously you are on vacation, the sgarro deserved, but always with some restraint.
3) Give priority to fresh food, rich in mineral salts and water: green light for vegetables and fresh seasonal fruit. The variety this season is not lacking: all are recommended. This rule should be followed especially when you consume lunch "Lunches", not exaggerating with savory or sugary snacks; the alternatives you have them, just use them!
4) Prefer fish to meat: it is much more digestible. They are good all types of fishery products: lean fish or fatter, molluscs or crustaceans ... Especially if you are at sea ... Come and feel the fresh fish throat!
5) Prepare the dishes with imagination, varying food even in color. The color of the food is provided by antioxidant substances (vitamins, polyphenols, etc.): the more you vary the colors, the more complete their intake. Give priority to raw vegetables (to understand the classic mixed salad is a good choice, practical and healthy!).
5) Consume a yoghurt or a smoothie, in case of impossibility, it can be an alternative to the mid-day meal. Prefer yogurt with no added sugar or the greek (rich in protein). Along with the fruit, it can be a great snack. also not overlook even the nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc.), rich in "good" fats, minerals and fiber, but obviously not to overdo it, because it brings a lot of calories.
6) Limit consumption of industrial and carbonated juice drinks. Besides being very high in sugar, almost always they contain additives for conservation and for the adjustment of color or taste.
7) Avoid full meals with first, second and contour when, during hotel stays or traveling, it's easier to be consumed at the restaurant both lunch and dinner, exceeding well with calories.
Opt instead for balanced unique dishes that can provide the right nutrients for an entire meal.
8) Drink plenty of water, especially if you sweat a lot and you are a long time in the sun. In summer they lose minerals with increased sweating and perspiration. For the elderly it is particularly important to drink, regardless of the thirsty.
9) Restrict also the abuse of alcohol and spirits: they have many calories, increase the sense of warmth and sweating.
10) Observe the mode of food preservation. Use, for foods that require it, the cooler for your lunch. Also remember that food stored in the refrigerator for a long time are likely a nutritional deterioration and / or contamination by microorganisms.
These are some very practical tips to use for your holidays. Now you are ready to go, and I am sure you will enjoy your well-deserved holiday and will return no more guilt. Because eating well is a choice that only affects you!