The gym is often mistakenly considered only as a place to prepare the body for the much-fought...
2020-08-24 14:54:30
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A place to take care of ourselves!

The gym is often mistakenly considered only as a place to prepare the body for the much-fought trial of morality; but it really is a place often used for physical rehabilitation and recovery.
The gym is very recommended by the doctors, physiotherapists ... for the recovery of joint function and harmony of our body.
The rehabilitation is indicated in fact in the case of joint pains of various kinds, for example, bad posture, muscle contractures, joint instability, trauma, muscle overload, surgical interventions ...
E 'a critical phase of rehabilitation after surgery, either a degenerative problem, both for a real trauma. The course takes into account the type of surgery, the surgeon's instructions and tissue healing time. During treatment the difficulty of the exercises and the labor intensity gradually increased, reaching functionality and recovery of strength and sporting the resumption of athletic movement.
Rehabilitation initially follows a specific phase at the expense of medical personnel (physiotherapists, orthopedic ...); then the customer will be entrusted to a gymnasium to carry out the step of gradual recovery activity.
This task is entrusted to Personal Trainer, including our Voltan Simone (pictured pledged to follow a customer in the correct execution of the exercise) that held the stage of functional recovery in order to perform the exercises again in the proper order possible.
To conclude the rehabilitation phase is critical as it allows us to go back to properly carry out the activities of daily living without relapse or possible new injuries; why rely on experts in the field, it is your health!