Very often people ask me, how do I lose weight properly? The answer may be simple, or introduce...
2020-07-27 18:30:16
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Mistakes to avoid making!

Very often people ask me, how do I lose weight properly? The answer may be simple, or introduce less kcal of how our body consumes during the day. But if we analyze well the concept is not that simple. Very often people make mistakes, and they frustrate the efforts made; let's see together these ERRORS to avoid collision so as to achieve the goal!
So you ask ... what are the most common mistakes to avoid during WEIGHT LOSS?

  • SET A CALORIE DEFICIT TOO AGGRESSIVE: this will lead very quickly the body in alert phase, producing Cortisol, and this will limit the weight loss.
  • DO NOT KNOW HOW MANY CALORIES TAKE: Many people do not actually know how many calories take; Theoretically there are formulas that calculate you your TDEE; otherwise monitored via an app everything you eat for a month, also monitoring your weight, if the average weekly weight does not change it means that you have found your DAILY CALORIE NEEDS.
  • LEAVE THE EXERCISES WITH WEIGHTS: this will lead to a loss of muscle mass, producing a decrease in the calorie consumption of your body throughout the day.
  • DO NOT EAT all macronutrients: often girls only eat salads to lose weight so convinced; there is no wrong thing ... in fact doing so deprive our body of macroutrienti right resulting in deadlock and lock to your body.
  • WATCH KCAL ONLY, WITHOUT THE RIGHTEOUS macronutrients: in the diet should always have the right distribution of macronutrients, this is because each has its functions in our bodies.
  • IRON STAY ON A DIET: many decide to go on a diet and immediately eliminate sweets, fried foods, drinks, biscuits ... introducing just rice, chicken and vegetables; in reality we must gradually abbadonare these foods for the body to become accustomed to the absence and then avoiding the opposite effect.
  • ALL prohibit you: Another very common mistake is never enjoy a free meal where to eat what you want (of course with criterion); This leads us to live more serenely the path avoiding that our brains lead us to a negative effect going to compromise our efforts.
These are the most common mistakes to which we must pay attention to an EFFECTIVE WEIGHT LOSS. Obviously always recommend assistance of an expert who can accompany you in this journey. Do not be afraid to spend some money to something that brings you a bigger benefit: BE HAPPY WITH YOURS