1. Costs The average price of online personal trainer is between 30-70 Euros per month, much...
2019-12-20 12:52:22
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Advantages of online coaching: a viable alternative to personal trainer

A number of benefits

1. Costs
The average price of online personal trainer is between 30-70 Euros per month, much lower when compared to the offers proposed in fitness centers. For here the price for a single hour session is between 30-100 euro, reducing the possibility of being able to train with a professional. With the other hand he has the personal virtual training Alternatively, the great advantage of being able to engage with the support of a competent figure, but at a lower cost.
2. Trust
A professional in the field, regardless of the type of training offered, wants to take care of the customer, accompanying and guiding it to reach a state of well being, both physical and mental. But we must not think that the relationship of trust and empathy that is created in the case of traditional training is necessarily better for the closeness and physical presence. Even in the case of virtual training in fact, despite the physical distance, the trader provides maximum security to the customer, showing a great willingness and speed in contact, respond quickly to all the doubts and demands of the customer ...

3. Choice Availability
The rapid success of the company has led many professionals to invest on Instagram, blogs and websites to provide advice and support. Thanks to this the customer can choose from a wide range of professionals present, the one best suited to their personal needs, based on the evaluation of experience, friendliness, charisma and other features.
On the contrary, the choice that you can do in the gym is reduced because you are forced to search for it in the gym where you train or otherwise in neighboring regions.
4. Flexibility in training
Another advantage in favor of online coaching is the opportunity given to the customer, to train when and where he wants. Especially in modern society where time is short, this flexibility allows the client to not miss the opportunity to be followed while having little time available.
With the classic solution instead you are tied to the schedules imposed by the professional with whom you train and the classic place of the fitness center which you subscribe.
This article does not denigrate the figure of the personal trainer, so they are two different ways that the customer can choose.
up to you to choose the shape that best suits your needs!